‪You may weave a whole story, but sometimes, only one intersection of threads is all that's worthwhile.‬

‪That's a lot.‬

Sadness is concrete.

It is impossible to grasp happiness, though. We try to find it in our bundles of excitement, security, thrill, and wonder and awe. But then it arises when we least expect it.

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 ‪A big ego is a problem like a big person. Heart disease.‬

‪Get a 2nd ego. And a good director.‬

‪Then you're in business.‬

I mean, don't get up and check, but we're all locked here in the same situation. 


If I disappear, it doesn't mean that I have a secret escape route. It means I'm probably hiding backstage crying. Just like before the show. I like symmetry like that.

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"I mean, it's not Shakespeare." 

But what if it were? It might be better if it were. 

Why don't we just 'be' Shakespeare. 

Who knows? We might do it better this time around. 

Our contribution to the world is like a drop from eyedropper into the ocean. But then there are those who are like a stone dropped into the water. They make a splash, and the ripples are wide, but eventually, the water settles. And the stone has added nothing to the ocean.

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