Join our Ambien filled rage as we ask a naked girl awkward questions and receive even awkwarder answers! We hear from our vaginally challenged guests as they try to navigate the great river of pussy


Down a grant but up a Butthole Weeb and a Rager. Butthole Weeb gives us his review on a bad anime and hentai show, we talk about how incest has swept the entertainment world, how too many shows air longer than they should have, the naked girl gives us one truth one lie, Rager gives the “vaginally challenged” guests excellent virgin tips, new sponsor this week: “thousand dollar shave club”, we play Racist or Bassist, and more.

Spicy: surveys on fast food receipts and stingy sauce giving nazis, BBQ shaming on memorial day weekend, parents wanting to control your life, etc.

TDP EP 26 Digibro

This week DigiBro has a very special message for Karl from WATP, talks anime w/ Butthole Weeb, gives his take on Mumkey Jones and much more!

Then the show gets interesting: An official Asterios update, Crippled Jesus's gives us a Crippled Commandment, we talk to a naked girl and then get spicy af!

TDP EP 25 Kiwi

On the latest episode of The Dickheads Podcast we have a great interview with Kris the Kiwi, talk about some spicy penises, and check up on the virgins and their progress. Also, is JP leaving the podcast forever? Find out (maybe) this week!


Guests: Rommel, Zach, Kataggins, Rajavir, Sam O, and Pegasus

History of TIS, addressing Tanner's complaints of TIS members in TDS groups, hearing Thot Destroyer song, Virgin stories, weirdest and most risqué places we've had sex, why you should join TIS, future plans for TIS, how we all feel about Rommel's sexy, trolling ass, and more!

voicemail- 4077962041


Virgin success stories and the-revirginization of one of our hosts, Rommel pops of but barely gets 14 words in, Australia is full of crime and scam accents, Larry leaves a voicemail and much more! Join us as we talk dick and dick accessories