week4 - pyRite - "Fear Mongering and Beer Fondeling, (or Fear vs Fascination)"

(show notes)

I was considering titling it "Journalistic Integrity or AudioVisual Privacy, pick one," but it didn't have quite the ring to it...
This week I'm back with THREE topics, as you may notice the increased length of the episode. I'll probably stick with two in the future, but I had a lot of stuff come up this week.
Topic 1: I talk about this piece from The Washington Post's Solo-ish blog and discuss things like how a piece is advertised versus the content and the place in society for things like political whininess and journalistic integrity.

Topic 2: I talk about Hushme, a mask that allows you to talk on the phone in public. And I continue on to discuss the development of media and my personal experiences with media consumption and what works.

Topic 3: Fear vs. Fascination: what is the difference between something that is horrifying and something that is exciting? And why am I a psychopath?