"A Prince in Exile: Spike Spiegel and Rick Blaine"

...Two of the world’s most beloved and most respected pieces of media in their fields: Casablanca (1943) and Cowboy Bebop (1997-1998). There is the story of eponymous café-owner and World War II isolationist residing in Casablanca, Morocco: Rick. And there is the jazz-themed science fiction story of a crew of small-time bounty hunters led by the charming and enigmatic Spike Spiegel.

These are obviously very different stories, at least from the perspective of the setting and micro-scale events. But even in these never-intersecting universes, there is a saturated point of tangential interaction. There are the parallel paths of the heroes, playing perfectly in time with one another. Spike Spiegel. Rick Blaine. They follow the same arc with the same obstacles. And with each story, we are given a microscopic look into this little piece of their lives...

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